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Kimi wa Petto is a live action series based on Tramps Like Us, the manga. It is wonderful adaption. It's only 10 episodes and I love how it turns out. It is an adorable drama about a supposedly-strong, cool business lady owning a human pet. No, there isn't any sex involved.

Matsumoto Jun (Hana Yori Dango, Tokyo Tower) plays Momo, the human pet. His character is fantastic, I love him. I admitted at first, I did doubt such actor like him could achieve playing the character Momo, but he aced it. I had already read Tramps Like Us so I am entitled to my opinions.
Koyuki (The Last Samurai, Eragon) played Iwaya Sumire, the business lady. She didn't do the character in manga exactly, however, she played the right concept of it. I still like her- she's funny to look at, to see her all confused of her feelings.
Oh yes, the character who played Hasumi Shigehito, the boyfriend - was fugly. His smile was the worse. It reminds me of the Joker in one of the Batman films. I kept on, "don't smile! stay puzzled\confused\unsure." (shudders)
The rest of cast are excellent. The plot was well-established considering the strange situation concerning the human pet. In the manga, Sumire has the balloons to think, ponder, and wonder all the time. We can read her thoughts. But in the tv series, a new character is added. He is the counselor of the company where Sumire works at. He also carry a longhaired chihuahua everywhere with him (think Paris but uglier.. no wait, prettier).
Anyways, this character was added in order to gain what Sumire is feeling and what was going on at the moment.

The philosophy on how one can give more love to a pet but not to a human being; just because of fear of showing oneself. Pets will love without any restriction whenas, humans will always have doubts and fears.

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