Random Celebrity Photoshoots

UPTOWN magazine, Alicia Keys, source

i-D magazine, Kate Moss, source

Mario Testino Let Me In, Jolie-Pitt family, source

Italian Vanity Fair, Mena Suvari, source

German Park Avenue, Rose McGowan, source


Model Knowledge: bruna tenório

Bruna Tenório, born June 27, 1989 in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil, is a supermodel. She has walked in many famous runway shows including Dior, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and many others.

She has appeared in ad campaigns for Anna Sui, D&G, D&G Time, D&G Jewels, Kenzo, and most recently, Akris (a Paris-based label).

Bruna has Japanese and Chinese ancestry. (Also noted, Brazilian, but not in Wiki)


Translated quotes by Bruna -

About modeling:
"It's very new to me, but I stay prepared and focused. It's a profession, isn't it?"

About her dreams:
"To grow up more. Establish myself. Changes the lives of the people I love."


Well regardless all that fact, I loveee that glasses pic of her, DAMNIT! she totally can pull off big glasses way better than I at age ten. arrr....

- Wikipedia
- http://www.womenmanagement.com/
- LJ: mixologies
- supermodels.nl


Fashion Week 23

Alessandro Dell'Acqua
's high-waisted silk bottoms aren't attractive. I am still uneasy to all the high-waisted craziness. I do enjoy specified ones, but not on this one. Knotty heels are too knotty. The kimono-style belts are very adorable. Strong Asian inspiration in this line.

Gianfranco Ferré has it all, classy and sophisticatedly with determination. Usage of the violet hue is overly beautiful. but the wet hair on models has to go, it was a terrible distraction and an insult to the garments.

Very monotone color and choppy in shapes in the Jil Sander line. Some pieces was too simple, but then again, that's tendency in the collection. The heels are very edgey but I'm not too sure of the pain factor.

Sportmax looks unorganized and there were no consistency. I wasn't sure what to look at. Very few of details I did enjoyed but otherwise, it was not bad.

Moschino Cheap + Chic
= the art printed on fabric is cute but decidedly cheap. Graffiti smiley faces are ridiculous. Raincoatlike polka dots are old. But I love this:

I am never fond of puffy things but the anesthetics in this impressed me.
Especially the shoes.

Fashion Week 22

I'm not too crazy about the belts, it looks nothing of exotic and too extravagant in the Burberry Prorsum line. Enough with using the belts as the middle on the models. It's tiresome.

The coats are fantastic but the stuck-on 'shells' at a distance isn't comforting.

Trussardi's sophiscated, classy line = powerful. especially when you got the show dogs prancing down the runway as well. I want this jacket but in a darker color:

Giorgio Armani has soft, draping tendency to the line, along with a bit of gypsy glow. Am not fond of the head wraps. This is a very nice attire:

C'N'C Costume National has great aesthetic in the connection of a top. Belts, strands, and twists. Great shape lines on the attire.

Photography Purriness 002

Covering from musicians, travels and fashion (ping pong!) - I love the flash version website. Whenever you click upon a section, it keeps in storage in the blank space (which fills up quickly). Check it out at www.keetjaallard.com.

props for sun to bring my attention to this ♥


Fashion Week 21

Just Cavalli is one of my fave works. For spring 2007 collection, the crazy prints was as usual; but it wasn't a favorable one. The only thing I liked was the bottom aesthetic:
In liking to wrist buttons, I enjoy this concept on pants as well.

Prints must be in - for spring. It is for D+G (also another one of my fave labels), which seems to have the prints all over the line. Soft + aggressive but no extreme that I had expected out of this.

I had a feeling that my grandma and probably my mother as well, helped out with the patterns... (/sarcasm).

The only thing I liked was the distinctive detail on the bottom jacket, a cutout - low to the sides.

Ashley Isham
has delicate, modernized Greek nostalgia in the first part of the collection. Strong drapings. Then the last part of the collection was a dazzling, screaming of pixels:

This would guarantee touchings, you just cannot resist to poke...
people are calling it the Post-its attire, I heard.

fait au hasard films

Few films that I had low expectations and ended up enjoying:

Pride + Prejudice

♥ i was surprised by this film. I had heard of this film before and i was reluctant to watch Kiera in it. Her tendency in peculiar movements of her lips annoy me greatly. Unfortunately, I was more curious about a film that is adapted from Jane Austen's novel and was willing to give it a chance. Hey, it was from the library - who's complaining? After watching the film, I fell in love with the dialogue. it is silently hilarious - also, I enjoyed the human flaws and the struggling to experience affections displayed in the film. Now, I believe this is a film where one could enjoy it so much if one has low expectations of it. And yes, Kiera still has that mouth thing...

Lila Says, Lila dit ça

a French film. I'm always a sucker for foreign flicks. Lila, a sexual young teenager, explore the games of sexuality - not necessarily by acts. Again, the dialogue was impressive, based on the Lila's character. The ending was predictable but I still throughout enjoyed the movie - raw, realistic sexuality that isn't shown that much those days. Of course, foreign flicks love to explore anything! yay!

Dead or Alive (DOA)

Your typical action flick that's adapted from a video game. Haaa - I love this movie. It reminds me so much of Charlie's Angels with the three rawrr-powered ladies. Silly, slapstick, lame lines, and fun moves = entertained.

The Invisible

I would never watched this if my brother hadn't recommended it. So i tried to patiently watch it. I'm glad I did - the casting are unknown in this movie (except the male leading, he was in Wars of the World which isn't a great thing to know, anyway). The movie is slow, soft, and touching. The story has been told before, but this time, it is taken by a slightly, different approach.
The leading woman, Margarita Levievathe, is an amazing actress. i was drawn to her, especially when she had her hair hidden by cap/hoodie - i could focus on her expressions and the body languages.
one good reason why i enjoyed this film is i had no idea what the movie was about. i have a bad habit of researching intensely about a film before seeing it... ♥


head hoodies


Spiffy collection. They really need to make a Kate Moss hoodie.

Moscow, Russia

Clever montage over at Foster + Partners is going to create this breathtaking, elegant building.

From Foster + Partners website:

"Today’s groundbreaking of Foster + Partners’ Russia Tower – the tallest building in Europe – has been marked at a ceremony attended by Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow, and members of the Moscow Government. Set to be a striking new addition to the dynamic high-rise skyline of Moscow City, its unique form will be visible landmark from the heart of Moscow.

The building continues the practice’s investigation into the nature of the tower, taking structural, functional, environmental and urban logic to a new dimension. The mixed-use project incorporates apartments, hotel, office and leisure space and will have an ‘energy cycle’ that pioneers sustainable architecture and reinforces the economic and social vitality of Moscow City."

I giggled at this 3D-generated photo. They're making it look like a futuristic city. I guess it is... but really, the weather over there must be gloomy so why is it shiny? Maybe only few days out of a year... that'd wake them up whenever it happens.
"Shiny Day!"

oh i mean,
"солнечный день"!

also another source - outnext.

Religious Converting

Rawrr! I thought this was intriguing.

Religion Map

This coming from your folks at maps of war, which I enjoyed the history on imperial.

I'm sensing there could be lack of accurate details, but hey, it's nice to see the vague concept of it.


gwyneth paltrow's hamptons home

always want a hammock.

for the cherry blossom candlelight, you can get one at moss at around $2,500......


Kate Moss Reigns

Lovelove the outfit. especially the jacket. *sighs*


Bora Aksu Spring 2008

Omg, I love the collection so much that it deserves a post of it own!!!

Bora Aksu's line was fantastic, innovative, and so much to look at it. I lovelove everything except the shoes:


Fashion Week 20

The decorated patterns are a bonus in the Luciano Soprani collection; along with strong shaping designs, especially in necklines. A few wasn't exactly in the loop along with the garments, but that's okay - overall, it was a becoming, charm line.

Methodical, refined mass of Francesco Scognamiglio was mixed of early era and sophisticated style. Although, the bird cage outfit in the last was kinda of out of blue...

Few bold colors, white and black stripes are the design for Julien Macdonald collection. Too diversity in design, though.

Liking this specific design, as a strap.

Jasper Conran
's dazzling gold and shimmering silver knocked the audience out. Very safari-color coordinates. I am purring for the belts.

Lorenzo Riva's line, I want to say, was enchantment and alluring, but somehow the designs give a feeling as if it was done before. However, this one is the best out of the pack:

This reminds me of the texture of a mermaid. <3