Jae Lee

I read the Dark Tower graphic novel today - it was not bad but Jae Lee's art grabbed my eyes. I looked up on his works - here's a few that I liked ♥

Interview with Jae Lee by Newsrama.com: About the stint with Stephen King's The Dark Tower

NRAMA: Despite all the talk about challenges and anxiety, are you feeling some of the rewards?

JL: Yes. My parents can finally feel good about me leaving college to draw comics. Actually, they'll never feel good about that. I never tell my parents what I'm working on because they just don't get it, but this was so exciting, I had to tell them. So I called my Mom and told her that I was going to be working with Stephen King. And she said, "Oh that's wonderful. Is he Korean?" And I said, "What are you talking about?" And she said "I thought you said his last name was Kim."

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