Michael Parkes

When I found out Michael Parkes himself was coming to a small town south of San Francisco -- it shocked me. He rarely made an appearance in the U.S. Last one was in NYC and I had missed that one.

When I arrived at the gallery, I can't tell you anything about it -- my emotions were just unexplainable. I couldn't believe that I was standing by his works.
I froze when I saw Michael Parkes himself. His aura was magnificently overwhelming.

The second I took my eyes off him, I stood there thinking about what the hell to say -- he swooshed away in the back & got in a car for the airport (his home is in Spain).

Imagine if I meet David Mack! Jesus, I think I need more time meeting my inspirational idols. ;_;


Anonymous said...

[laughs] his work's amazing. ^_^
wish id see the works in front.

at least you've seen him...

gabe l said...

i know how you feel about that... i worship artists like they're celebrities...