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Even though I grew up in Southern California, i always find inspiration in something old or new.

I went straight to Riverside, CA. I've always hold a fond feeling for the Mission Inn. If you ever drive through Riverside, do stop by this beautiful gigantic inn. I've been coming to this place a couple of times growing up. Back then, I never really bother to take a pause and realize the beauty. Oh, the innocence of youth!

The next day, I lurked around in Temecula, which is famously known for its winery. I was impressed and kept asking "why" was it located in such hot area? My dear friend did not have an answer for me so I turned to Mister Google. Though, I didn't find anything about the hot weather, here's what I found out about the city:

"The first vineyards and wineries were established to draw potential home-buyers to the area. When the I-15 Freeway between Los Angeles County and San Diego County was completed, real estate development accelerated even more."

I find that interesting because I found an article by LA Times about a law that prevents real estate leechers from developing, which could push out potential vintners. I guess the vintners are realizing how annoying the home-buyers can be.

Short Fact: vint⋅ner
a person who makes wine or sells wines.

After that, I went to the Grove in Los Angeles. My friend and I happily ate great meals at Cheesecake Factory -- try the dumplings under appetizers! Gawd.... and with our full stomachs, we stumbled upon a runway in middle of the Grove.

Saw a few models from ANTM and Nick from Project Runway. The open bar made us feel nice but our heights feel a little inadequate among the crowds...

And the next day, I wore heels for a friend of a friend's birthday at Commonwealth Lounge.

The music was good, people were bit attitude-y (really, that ass-territory woman?) & slightly big, strong drinks for reasonably priced at $7. Though, the fashion scene wasn't my type.

I had to stop with my leisure time & did my errands (bridesmaid alternation and so on). I must make a note of this place I ate at -- Mad Greek. It was deliciously wonderful. I like eating outside by the small foundation, tacky but still cute!

After the trip, I drove back to the bay area via the route 99.

There were great thrift stores along the route -- I was happily dosaged. :D Though, a few towns has a strong Christian tone, it was hard finding good books among their collection. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable alternative route to route 5.

I decided to make a note of all places I've been to. this is my first post like this. beside, it's a good reminder for me :)

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