an empyrean high: renegade craft fair

was beyond inspiring. i was fumbling with the amount of inspirations & energies among the creative buddies at renegade craft fair. love it.
here's a couple of dazzles i like:

ragtrader i will seriously follow this store, i got two necklaces & two rings and wanted more...

update: a month ago, i ordered rings from this store online and turns one one of the rings gave me green stain (aka fake metal), but knowing the trick of painting clear nail polish would make it wearable, i was still fine with it. the owner knows how i felt this -- the price wasn't reasonable ($15) for a fake metal ring. I never got a response. :( nevertheless, i still love the collection..

ashton photography

fomato i love the intervention one

mama's little babies

caitlin kuhwald

shawna rose

moss and vine


e.soule sx-70... ♥

matt m. cipov

cosa verde

fuzzy ink

let's say i hope tracy wins it. ♥

and some notable ones:
ohh, hello friend. amazing graphics & inspirations
i melt with you great lotion (honeysuckle!)
treatzone it's a treat worth it
donovanbeeson letters are lovely

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