The North: Upward Road

For two weeks, I went on a trip heading north. The absorbency was full of nature, historical architecture, and the energy of new souls.

North California:
Ukiah has great thrifts, I was able to trade in my clothes for some jewelry and a purse.
In Willits, there's a local soapmaker called Dancing Madrone -- I love their Night Blooming Tuberose.
Ferndale is the most cutest town full of Victorian-style houses. Kinetic Sculpture Race is shown at art studio, full of funny-looking homemade cars. I especially enjoyed the Ferndale Museum. Though, a few of the dummies were scary-looking...


Centerville Beach is a must-see, it's 5 miles west of Ferndale. I am so glad I have the curious bug that I decided to lurk by, just for heck of it.

I enjoy Eureka, especially their rare books. Arrk. I could spend hours in the stores: Booklegger and Eureka Books. All Under Heaven (228 F St) has great Asian stationery supplies. Humboldt Herbals has magnificent homemade tea leaves. The murals all over downtown are lovely to look at, as well. I tried to look for oil change around here, most are expensive and ridiculous. I had to note that Midas at 2125 4th St has the best oil change deal and plus, the owner was super-friendly. ♥

clicked - Fern Canyon

Redwood National Park: Trinity River, Patrick Point, Fern Canyon!


Alpha Bit at Mapleton is amazing. I highly recommended anyone to stop by this cafe\shop. The people is friendly, they all work at a communal farm 45 minutes northeast. Alpha Farm was inspiring for me. I meticulously did a work's day, the homemade dinner cause us lovely food-coma, and I enjoyed the mysterious souls' scribbles.

Kate Harnedy is a part of the community -- she's a photographer. Our artistic conversations were wonderful and I love how she captures the aura of Alpha Farm in this shot. Check more of her works at Diva in Eugene, OR.

Astoria, the tip northwest of Oregon, fulfilled my Goonies passion! Seeing the houses, jailhouse, and the scenery really brought me to my childhood past. ♥ The best time to bird-view the town via the Astoria Column is on a sunny day! Do check the visitor center, the people there are very helpful.

And it was time to head back to the bay area... still did a few stops! Youngs River Fall is a great place to camp or to swim. Definitely. It seems nobody goes there anymore.

PDX -- For thrift-thrillers like me, do take a peek at Goodwill Bins. There's many cheap stuff you can get. They charge by pound, which is amazing but one needs to be patient. It's best to come by in the early morning as the savages are less fierce.

clicked! ♥

Crater Lake is 35 miles-loop, and it took me 4.5 hours to complete the sightseeing, overlook stops, and a 2.2 miles hiking to the bottom just to touch the fresh, pure water.

That was a lovely closing for the north trip. And shall I have abundant dreams of this...

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