The lost art; Landscape Photography

Those photos are 100% film.
No photoshop, flash, and filters.

He relies on natural light.
He is the only photographer in the world still doing this.

This is fine art film photography.
I learned a bit about the material used in gallery: Fuji Crystal Archive, which a lovely art consultant (at the gallery) educated me greatly about. The crystals are light sensitive which causes the image looks more 3-D. That completely impacts me when I saw those photos in person. It was like I was there.

I love how he tells his stories of what happened in each photo. This is my favorite one:

White River National Forest, CO
The town, founded in 1888, has never had electricity, even to this day. And this mill didn't press grain either. This wonderful old mill is all that is left of a mechanical air compressor used in the processing of Silver Ore for a couple of mines located on the hill above the mill and is all that remains of those mines.

Access to this place is rugged and requires a 4x4 and true grit, depending on the route taken.

This part of Colorado is tough to get to, but so magnificent you need to (dare I say "must") put it on your 'list'.
-Rodney Lough Jr.

The most important a photographer could have is:

Thank you, Rodney Lough Jr.

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