Fashion Week 23

Alessandro Dell'Acqua
's high-waisted silk bottoms aren't attractive. I am still uneasy to all the high-waisted craziness. I do enjoy specified ones, but not on this one. Knotty heels are too knotty. The kimono-style belts are very adorable. Strong Asian inspiration in this line.

Gianfranco Ferré has it all, classy and sophisticatedly with determination. Usage of the violet hue is overly beautiful. but the wet hair on models has to go, it was a terrible distraction and an insult to the garments.

Very monotone color and choppy in shapes in the Jil Sander line. Some pieces was too simple, but then again, that's tendency in the collection. The heels are very edgey but I'm not too sure of the pain factor.

Sportmax looks unorganized and there were no consistency. I wasn't sure what to look at. Very few of details I did enjoyed but otherwise, it was not bad.

Moschino Cheap + Chic
= the art printed on fabric is cute but decidedly cheap. Graffiti smiley faces are ridiculous. Raincoatlike polka dots are old. But I love this:

I am never fond of puffy things but the anesthetics in this impressed me.
Especially the shoes.

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