Fashion Week 22

I'm not too crazy about the belts, it looks nothing of exotic and too extravagant in the Burberry Prorsum line. Enough with using the belts as the middle on the models. It's tiresome.

The coats are fantastic but the stuck-on 'shells' at a distance isn't comforting.

Trussardi's sophiscated, classy line = powerful. especially when you got the show dogs prancing down the runway as well. I want this jacket but in a darker color:

Giorgio Armani has soft, draping tendency to the line, along with a bit of gypsy glow. Am not fond of the head wraps. This is a very nice attire:

C'N'C Costume National has great aesthetic in the connection of a top. Belts, strands, and twists. Great shape lines on the attire.

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