Alicia is fine with being Nude

Only to prove that humans should be in the nude just like animals.
haha....? whatever, she's definitely looking good there.

You suddenly realized you wanna go veg? Click here to learn more!

P.S. I so wanna make that miso soup. wah. wah.

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Anonymous said...

i never really care about PETA. they only use their publicity. they don't really care about animal rights. :\

i know how to make miso soup..

easy recipe!!!!!

i used two vegetable broth cans mixed with one tablespoon of brown miso w/ one tbsp warm water to mix it well. boil w/ chopped green onion, soft tofu and roasted seaweed. tada, you're making a miso soup! ;D

this is my old blogger and i don't know if i plan to make it new one. :X