Fashion Week 08

Threeasfour has creatively merged cutouts into one along with adding folds. But the ruffles... was too much. Ah, I am fond of this one:

A shoutout to DKNY - don't be shy and toss the gigantic hats. It was a distraction, really. Nothing of this collection interests me.

Sleek and hard is what Noir has to say this time. Not the best nor worse.

United Bamboo has a boring collection. If I had to like something, it was always on the Asian model one.

I like a few pieces from Stærk but nothing from it excites me.

Gorgeous Phi collection! I love it. Business ladies with intrepidity! Oh, I love the boots, too. Fabulous.

line - i enjoyed it. The makeup, runway layout, and the outfits were entertaining (comparing to the last several mundane shows). There is a few odd (incorrect sizing?) outfits that only hardcore punks (or anyone with guts) would enjoy.

I like this one:

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