Fashion Week 10

Luca Luca has a delicate, soft look to the collection. All complementary colors to increase aristocratic aroma of such an superior person.

Nothing exciting from the Oscar de la Renta line. Oh, it's for older women. I will never be fond of big bows.

Malo has strong Asian feeling to the line, emerging culture texture in the line. Laird Borrelli-Persson commented, "And the duo obviously has a real feel for texture—as skirts that looked as if they were constructed out of silken Chinese knots did this one."

Anna Sui's play-dress theme is definitely entertaining. The colorful extensions or wigs were such an assessment to the line. It was rockin', maybe too much.

The pleasing line of Richard Chai's highlight was the composition on the back. It's an itch to wait for the models to turn so we can be in awe.

Marc Jacobs look like he had a deadline but he was busy with his boy toy. So he threw all ideas at once. It's very vivid, wild, and a big, "what?" Still, there's a huge controversy on those backward heels. But I will say this: it is not the first that concept was made.

The Jill Stuart line, I appreciate most of it. I love the aggressive notion of the structure.

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