Fashion Week 12

Carmen Marc Valvo has very nice details in draping and texture - but the belts stand out.

As typical, Donna Karan is very luxurious and exquisite. Loving the belts, gowns, and...

the heels!

I'm confused by Anne Klein, she has wonderful, sexy dresses. And there's OTP odd, pixeled outfits. Still unsure..

Tommy Hilfiger is as expected. Just was never fan of his works.

Bruce Spring. Nothing exciting.

First of all, the collection of VPL - get that damn ruffles around their necks off! What a terrible sight. I know the attire could work somehow, but I have to say the decoration (posing, models, hair, etc) destroyed the possibility of making it work.

Helmut Lang has some dignified garments and it shone in few.

JustSweet is just a repetition of past popular outfits, along with few cute skippy dresses. But the mood of the runway show seems to be making people smile, as it shrieked, "adorable!"

Nicholai: boring, repeated notions and concepts. She tried. But Stam's hairdo is rockin'.

Twinkle has serene, definite, and pleasant feeling to it.

Nothing worthy in the Generra line. Are the shows getting blurred and becoming same as everyone?

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