Fashion Week 07

Strong solid colors and black creates an apt gateway to Y-3; along with strong representation of sports, which is expected. I enjoyed the runway design, that I did.

To describe Malandrino, I would say if you cut it vertically in half, it would look same on both side. For most outfits, anyway. It reeked of 70's pattern, actually.

I really like the line of Tracy Reese - the fantastic design... oh, the hair is too adorable. I am delighted with this... (ignoring the sequin ones).

Benjamin Cho definitely did more than to be safe on his collection. I believe it was a good risk, considering I've never seen something like this (I wish it wasn't tucked, I'd love to see how it looks like longer). Although, the makeup on the models are kinda scary...

Rosa Cha's swimsuits look like a tested patterns sown, toss on the models, and let them walk away. That was the half section. The other part, I humbly appreciate - the cutout design on swimsuits is beautiful.

Ralph Lauren's line definitely applies to equestrians just like earlier post on. Only, this collection also applies to the audience! Very elegant and complacency. This one uses floral patterns, too - which I haven't seen in a long time since my bed linens.

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