Fashion Week 18

Strong in sheer, neutral transparent outfits, Richard Nicoll creates a soft, ghostlike movement in the line. This is refreshing to see different kind of fabric.

Erdem attempted striking patterns and zigzag style (which seems to be the trend of the Spring line) in the line. The thunder lies in the dresses.

Sinha-Stanic has intriguing designs but the folds are enough to make me dislike the line. It seems to fold in an unattractive way... The squared-feathers pattern are alright, and the shoes aren't that amazing.

Playtime! Duro Olowu lightens up with cute patterns and safe design.

Comfortable, alluring, and of Greek style but in modern theme is what I see in the Allegra Hicks collection.

See by ChloƩ
= meh.

Vivienne Tam has amazing, peacock-like colors; some too much but I like this:

I like the detail of wrapping the fabric, that bump effect from tightness.

Roksanda Ilincic
is confusing, but I'll try to overlook the bad tailoring and outward shapes; there are few decent outfits. But the biggest distraction of all is the football shoulders.

Oh dear, who would wear this, I'm not sure.. at least, drinks can be placed on it if there's not a place to put it down.

Or for birds to rest on....

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