Fashion Week 04

The color tones in the Karen Walker line are a reflection of spring fever and those with equestrian skills.

Douglas Hannant creates perfectly apparel for a fabulous time in the Hamptons.

Imagine you're going on a safari trip to Africa but you want to look your best. Also, there's attire for all those oh-the-dread meetings in Cape Town. That's where TSE comes in. The strong cut and solid colors play a great part in this line.

J. Mendel contains amazing neutral colors with a few pops of tertiary colors. The flocks are the climax of this line.

The framework of marble and optic illusion are immersed in the Vera Wang line, giving an atmosphere of shiny, dramatized of upcoming quagmire. Ignoring a few bag sacks, she has it going.

There were some appealing designs by Jeremy Laing, however the lack of visualized melody left me wondering if the garments are intangible. However, Joanna Rodger reviewed: "The designer worked those structured folds to clever effect, creating both slim and voluminous silhouettes out of the high-tech fabrics he loves. A deep, asymmetrical fold was slashed across the length of a belted sack dress, leaving one side tented and the other slim as a blade of grass." I didn't realized it was high-tech fabrics, so i shall know that term will leave me itchy by looking upon it.

Baglike scrunchies seem to be one of Y & Kei's predicated assessment but it is not. With the horrible, inconvenient background that would be such a convenient in a kid's playground. However, there is a pure peacock-patterned flock that seem to calm everyone's main of focus.

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