Fashion Week 11

Philosophy "is skewed toward a younger customer, and its oeuvre slants toward off-kilter embellishment and highly feminine dresses" said Meenal Mistry. What do I say? Nothing.

Am not fond of the shoes in the Calvin Klein line, however the collection is still a soft, smoothing pleasure.

I am always a fan of the Betsey Johnson collection so when I see the line for Spring 2008, I'm sad to say this isn't the best. I liked a few. I guess the puffy skirts are too much for me.

Judging the decent garments with the fuzzy hairdos, Marc By Marc Jacobs is like a hangover candidate at a potiental interview, attempting to ace. It's all up to the candidate whether if there's any skills!

Along with LEGO mastermind creation!

Monique Lhuillier has design varies from draping to ruffles, expanding the aesthetics. Looks great, although some was overdo.

I like this headband decoration, very light and simple.

I've always admired Zac Posen because of Natalie Portman, it always damn look good on her! And yes, I enjoy it each second even thought the line are crazy and fierce! I love this one:

I think it's a bad picture or tailored, but I love the design of this.

I'll say my eyes stare at the hairdos, a puppy, and the children first throughout the photos, oh, Heatherette! That's how you distract us from the horridness design? Ok, ok. It isn't that bad, it's just different kind of crazy. Nods.

Am gonna to check with my boyfriend if he believes this will make him attractive.

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