Fashion Week 06

Charles Nolan - elegant and soft classy - but I can't say much for the men's garment version. The dull pearls aren't contributing much to the attire. However, this is the most diversity I've seen upon a designer show.

the preppy, casual wear are common in Lacoste line. This time, it is no surprise at all. The smiling models are a cute surprise, thought!

Such high-cut and fun in the mix, i can see in the Temperley collection. The boots screamed of determination; that's excellent thing for me.

Costello Tagliapietra focus on solid colors and tailored cutting. I can imagine having wonderful accessories, it would make the whole presence of the outfit magnificent. in which i do like this one:

Rodarte was very fresh and high cut, like a brief trip to the future. The poppy-straight skirts aren't a great assessment but hey, it completes the theme.

Ah. I have huge expectations from Diesel. And I found out: ah, hmm. I love a few outfits, but the rest were... too bright or unwearable. They should focus on designing business outfits more. I love this.

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