Fashion Week 14

Please no pinatas, Armand Basi.

Otherwise, this is lovely.

Radical, futuristic works of Danielle Scutt impressed me, just because it was RISKY! And i am completely impressed that he got the guts to design a strong, zigzag swimsuit where the tan lines will reveal the designer. clever...

Chris Han, bad makeup but wonderful, decent line. No climax-istic favorite piece, though.

Was not fond of the Unconditional line: the leaves pattern and horrifying green color that reminds me of my mother's picnic blanket. Man leggings. Gloves. Plaids! But the cutting of a few tops, I like.. but gawd! Either the concept will take over the world with those trends or it will be swept under the mat. Swept, i hope.

Louise Goldin has random holes, stitching, and folds. But the colors looks as if the hue has been off, several times.

Aside the two so-called prom dresses, the Peter Jensen line does have some strong garments but is weaken by the representation. Shrugs.

Kai Milla has yummy collection, very clever and sexy. My favorite combo. Minus the necklace, of course.

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