Fashion Week 02

Nicole Miller has channeled refined classic in her line. Some are gorgeous and elegant, as expected from the term, 'classic'. Gentle to look at; nothing wild about it.

Was aback by the line of Vena Cava; nothing of this has consistency. Style.com mentioned an adjective for it, "gimmicky," in which I agreed. A few I did went, "that could be good if only.."
This one is a lost cause.

ADAM (aka Adam and Eve) seems to impress me only because after seeing few fashion lines, i got struck with low expectations. So when I saw this collection, it shines of vivid illumination.
This reminds me of the Venice Beach of years ago.

I am flabbergasted at Alexandre Herchcovitch's line. The oversized clothes just does not look good. The god-awful vest was the source of my disfavor. ;_;

Yigal Azrouƫl
was boring. Nice clothes, but I can get those cheaper at Target.

I always have uneasy anticipation for the Miss Sixty collection. I am hesitated about whether to like it whole or not. I decide to say that this isn't the worst season I've seen of them; but it isn't the best, neither. I am not fond of the mind-boggling brand name displayed on clothing.

Saving the best part for last, gorgeous Stam flaunting herself like whoa.

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