Onozawa Yutaka - - Fashion Illustrator

simple, whimsical designs. Onozawa Yutaka's art should be categorized under fashion artists such as Stina or Marguerite.


Creative motion art...!

check it out. i especially love how the artist didn't really cover the drawing up well, leaving a trail. fantastic. hmm, i hate the human face spidey, i thought it to be creepy ;_;

(thanks, christina!)


Steampunk Magazine

"SteamPunk Magazine is a publication that is dedicated to promoting steampunk as a culture, as more than a sub-category of fiction. It is a journal of fashion, music, misapplied technology and chaos. And fiction.
It just may be the most spectacular magazine to ever fight against the spectacle, and it is free. Or as cheap as we can possibly get it to you. Using the latest in Creative Commons technology, we undermine the fascism of copyright while protecting ourselves from direct co-option." SteamPunk Magazine

You can view the magazine online, in PDF formats. I like the simple illustration and the nice, simple fonts ♥

Fashion Week 19

Katy Rodriguez's collection was potential, melodious, and pleasing. I agree with this remark by Laird Borrelli-Persson: "Swingy, coquettish dresses with cheery polka dots hit her target of 'fun, festive, and bright.' Rodriguez could have spread her wings a little farther, though."

Roccobarocco reminsd me so much of Roberto Cavalli, with classy and posh feeling throw in it. I am never fond of animal prints (those are only for bedspread or pillows) and the floral prints are decent.

The Seduzioni Diamonds collection was sleazy and bit too revealing without being classy. Flocks were pretty, though.

I don't like sequins! Ben de Lisi has that and i chalked down points for it. But the rest, there lies a handsome, well-formed line.

The Elena Miro plus-size collection impressed me. It was refreshing and interesting how the models displayed the outfits. Definitely am blown away with the presentation and it does look superb.

Mixed of 20s and 80s era, wild patterns, and charisma : you got the Eley Kishimoto collection. The heels are so cute!

Alessandro De Benedetti
definitely has a color signature: grey colours. Amazing.

Fashion Week 18

Strong in sheer, neutral transparent outfits, Richard Nicoll creates a soft, ghostlike movement in the line. This is refreshing to see different kind of fabric.

Erdem attempted striking patterns and zigzag style (which seems to be the trend of the Spring line) in the line. The thunder lies in the dresses.

Sinha-Stanic has intriguing designs but the folds are enough to make me dislike the line. It seems to fold in an unattractive way... The squared-feathers pattern are alright, and the shoes aren't that amazing.

Playtime! Duro Olowu lightens up with cute patterns and safe design.

Comfortable, alluring, and of Greek style but in modern theme is what I see in the Allegra Hicks collection.

See by ChloƩ
= meh.

Vivienne Tam has amazing, peacock-like colors; some too much but I like this:

I like the detail of wrapping the fabric, that bump effect from tightness.

Roksanda Ilincic
is confusing, but I'll try to overlook the bad tailoring and outward shapes; there are few decent outfits. But the biggest distraction of all is the football shoulders.

Oh dear, who would wear this, I'm not sure.. at least, drinks can be placed on it if there's not a place to put it down.

Or for birds to rest on....


tee-you qu-ick (Tiiu Kuik)

Tiiu Kuik (tee-you qu-ick) (born March 16, 1987) is an Estonian supermodel.

Born in Tallinn, Kuik has walked the runways for more than 40 designers, including Gucci (Where in she opened the fall 2003 and spring 2004 show), Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, among others. She is now representing CoverGirl cosmetics. At the age of 13, she was at a local food fair in Estonia when the owner of the "TopModel" agency discovered her. She was then sent to Japan for modeling work, and after that, to Italy. Her modeling career has skyrocketed since. Kuik's face has graced the covers of several high profile fashion magazines, including multiple Vogue covers. (Wikipedia)

The first time I noticed her was on that Surface magazine. Since then, I thought she looked familiar, and I can't quite place her and finally I recognized her. I don't know much about her; however, I like some of her works. Although, I think her spotlight's getting dim...?

She's like us!

Fashion Week 17

Aquascutum has a lingering, decent feeling to it... I do think it's bland, but then again, it can works somehow. Layers! Accessories!

Gorgeous dresses, Nathan Jenden - but again, no big bows. That's designed only for SJP, sorry.

Adidas by Stella McCartney was fashionable enough for a sportswear line.

House Of Holland
is definitely for hardcore street fashion! Ain't nowhere near couture, nada!

If you don't know, the model, Agyness, is the designer's muse.

I like the Giles collection, definitely cute, sexy, and alluring. The leaves cutouts were crazy, damn.


Jens Laugesen has a strong metallic, firm line.


Hotel FOX

Imagine hotel rooms created by international artists?

For those who wanna have fun taking a stroll down the memories lane; of when we were kids and all we did was make tents and reject unimportant ones...

i find this beautiful, but i think the effect will drain.

I lovelovelovethis

and this this! i loooove it to death

"For the launch of the new Volkswagen Fox 21 international artists from the fields of graphic design, urban art and illustration turned Hotel Fox in central Copenhagen, into the world’s most exciting and creative lifestyle hotel.

61 rooms, 21 artist, 1,000 ideas
Each room is an individual piece of art. From whacky comical styles to strict graphic design. From fantastic street art and Japanese Manga to simply spaced out fantasies. You will find flowers, fairytales, friendly monsters, dreaming creatures, secrets vaults and…"

Hotel Fox

Models Jumping - - can they do that?

Cute editorial of models jumping in the Vogue. Apparently they've been doing this type of photoshoot one or twice a year, instead of whisking them away to exotic places... it's getting people all aoijfiajfiajwf about it. So here's an article dedicated to past editorials, too.

Personally, I think it's fun and keep it coming!


Alicia is fine with being Nude

Only to prove that humans should be in the nude just like animals.
haha....? whatever, she's definitely looking good there.

You suddenly realized you wanna go veg? Click here to learn more!

P.S. I so wanna make that miso soup. wah. wah.

Book Art: Brian Dettmer

Fantastic works!

"Brian Dettmer's carved books are intricate creations, which seek both to seduce the eye and provoke the mind. Through the cut open cover of a book the viewer sees layers of specifically selected text and illustration carved from the pages of the book."

Statement at Aron Packer Gallery
Tommey \ Tourell

Strange but Hilarious Art

"Nick writes in -

You linked up to one of my newspaper sculptures in the past. If you're interested, I brought out another piece in NYC yesterday (pics here on my blog) - it was a blast. people started gathering around, taking pictures, touching it, asking what is this made of? ABOUT 50 NYTIMES you recycle newspapers? YEAH I MAKE ART WITH NEWSPAPERS did you have a piece on MAKE's blog?! WHAT haha a proud moment, I said yes back in December. I love how it comes full circle!"


Nick, the artist's blog

Cuteness Overload

Can't believe that when I saw it. XD

moss : Banquete Chair with Pandas


Fashion Week 16

Paul Smith's line looks like it was done by a spree at goodwill. And in granny's attic. I mean that in a boring, eh way.

Basso and Brooke has such of ambiance of the 90's era -- in art deco. I thought it was quite different among the shows.

For perky, polo people, Margaret Howell's a hit. Loose slacks and soft plaid seems to be the trademark, gratifying the line.

There were a few pieces in the John Rocha collection that reminds me of the Rose Parade Day. I was involved with that sort of thing when I was little... hmm. The line was confusing, the drapings were beautiful but some sizing was nonsense or unattractive. You can see that in the back of this picture:

But for that model in front, I would remake this to more tailored cut, leave the sleeves to more loose, and give some area in the chest. Well, for me, anyway. This can look good on men as well.

The pockets location in the Amanda Wakeley line was bit strange, I don't think it was intended for the wear's hands to put in it. Otherwise, the flocks was deadly swooning. Loving this one:

Matthew Williamson has mix of San Francisco, hippie, and Indian theme! Such strong line, I must say. I stared at this one, unsure whether to like or hate it.

Fashion Week 15

Meow! Luella reminds me of an early celebration of Halloween, with bats fluttering and black cats pouncing around the corner. Perky collection.

The Christopher Kane line has bad sewing, supposedly fashionable torn pieces, and the overused ruffles.

Very cutting, sharp line in the Jonathan Saunders collection, with a few of one-sided draping dresses.

Marios Schwab has strange rolls and tight spots, with a few illuminated tops tossed in it. But I applauded his details, very amazing.

The girly, stylish Development attire blown me away. I love most of the collection!

I will always have a thing for suits. Todd Lynn got it goin', with the design in the bottom, love love it.


Fashion Week 14

Please no pinatas, Armand Basi.

Otherwise, this is lovely.

Radical, futuristic works of Danielle Scutt impressed me, just because it was RISKY! And i am completely impressed that he got the guts to design a strong, zigzag swimsuit where the tan lines will reveal the designer. clever...

Chris Han, bad makeup but wonderful, decent line. No climax-istic favorite piece, though.

Was not fond of the Unconditional line: the leaves pattern and horrifying green color that reminds me of my mother's picnic blanket. Man leggings. Gloves. Plaids! But the cutting of a few tops, I like.. but gawd! Either the concept will take over the world with those trends or it will be swept under the mat. Swept, i hope.

Louise Goldin has random holes, stitching, and folds. But the colors looks as if the hue has been off, several times.

Aside the two so-called prom dresses, the Peter Jensen line does have some strong garments but is weaken by the representation. Shrugs.

Kai Milla has yummy collection, very clever and sexy. My favorite combo. Minus the necklace, of course.

Useful Link - - Arrange-a-Room!

Hate to drawing an outline for your future house/condo/apartment/room?




Fashion Week 13

Violet and sunny are Reem Acra's opening garments, leading to floral, luscious green, and perfectly reacted to Spring. Elegant gowns, too.

Custo Barcelona has kaleidescope patterns and it isn't that impressive. But it was wonderful to see Dicker!

Naoki Takizawa's line was unique, international feeling to it with the edge-cutting design. Laird Borrelli-Persson reviewed,"Smoking looks featuring pleated lapels gave way to a series of silk-nylon goddess dresses—some trailing angel-winglike streamers".

I was backed by the opening of the Issa line; such wild, OTP, artistic reaction. Then it fades to sailor-themed clothing which is adorable but nothing pops out.

Loving the hairdos in the Tadashi Shoji runway. Lot of the gowns I really purred at, but nothing really captures my heart, though.

Nior has sexy, workaholic-tiresome feeling to the line.

TopShop is my favorite store in London, and I was bit disappointed with the collection and it seems to be so mundane. But I like this:

Shrugs, that, I'ld love to wear that and take a stroll on the beach.

The detailed material of Naeem Khan line blown me away, even though some of the design was reused and/or too simple. India theme.

Willow certainly tried many distinctive designs emerged in the line. It means at least one of the outfits will be loved, seeing there's plenty of moods to match for any event. Even the neon yellow heels.

I love Gareth Pugh! What a dark, gloomy but mindblowing collection. I love his crazy notions.

Fashion Week 12

Carmen Marc Valvo has very nice details in draping and texture - but the belts stand out.

As typical, Donna Karan is very luxurious and exquisite. Loving the belts, gowns, and...

the heels!

I'm confused by Anne Klein, she has wonderful, sexy dresses. And there's OTP odd, pixeled outfits. Still unsure..

Tommy Hilfiger is as expected. Just was never fan of his works.

Bruce Spring. Nothing exciting.

First of all, the collection of VPL - get that damn ruffles around their necks off! What a terrible sight. I know the attire could work somehow, but I have to say the decoration (posing, models, hair, etc) destroyed the possibility of making it work.

Helmut Lang has some dignified garments and it shone in few.

JustSweet is just a repetition of past popular outfits, along with few cute skippy dresses. But the mood of the runway show seems to be making people smile, as it shrieked, "adorable!"

Nicholai: boring, repeated notions and concepts. She tried. But Stam's hairdo is rockin'.

Twinkle has serene, definite, and pleasant feeling to it.

Nothing worthy in the Generra line. Are the shows getting blurred and becoming same as everyone?


Fashion News - Penelope and Monica Cruz

On September 16, the Cruz sisters will be revealing their own line at Mango. Very sassy and there's a tad of vintage feeling to it.

The Sunday Times: Cruz collection


Break time: Randomness

No wonder people thought they've seen UFOs.

lenticular clouds!

Fashion Week 11

Philosophy "is skewed toward a younger customer, and its oeuvre slants toward off-kilter embellishment and highly feminine dresses" said Meenal Mistry. What do I say? Nothing.

Am not fond of the shoes in the Calvin Klein line, however the collection is still a soft, smoothing pleasure.

I am always a fan of the Betsey Johnson collection so when I see the line for Spring 2008, I'm sad to say this isn't the best. I liked a few. I guess the puffy skirts are too much for me.

Judging the decent garments with the fuzzy hairdos, Marc By Marc Jacobs is like a hangover candidate at a potiental interview, attempting to ace. It's all up to the candidate whether if there's any skills!

Along with LEGO mastermind creation!

Monique Lhuillier has design varies from draping to ruffles, expanding the aesthetics. Looks great, although some was overdo.

I like this headband decoration, very light and simple.

I've always admired Zac Posen because of Natalie Portman, it always damn look good on her! And yes, I enjoy it each second even thought the line are crazy and fierce! I love this one:

I think it's a bad picture or tailored, but I love the design of this.

I'll say my eyes stare at the hairdos, a puppy, and the children first throughout the photos, oh, Heatherette! That's how you distract us from the horridness design? Ok, ok. It isn't that bad, it's just different kind of crazy. Nods.

Am gonna to check with my boyfriend if he believes this will make him attractive.